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ATHOM Homekit Homebridge Server

ATHOM Homekit Homebridge Server

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Choose our specially compiled and pre-flashed HomeBridge server to unlock the full potential of your smart home devices. You can add any smart home devices to Apple HomeKit with this tiny device. With seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, you can effortlessly control and manage your entire smart home ecosystem with Apple Home and Siri. The setup and configuration process are simple and hassle-free, allowing you to set up and running quickly.

The World's Tiniest And Most Affordable Homebridge Server

The Athom Bridge is a standout feature of our Homebridge server, offering the ability to add any smart home device to HomeKit. With easy installation, a secure option, LAN connectivity, and plugin support, the Athom Bridge provides a reliable and convenient solution for integrating non-native HomeKit devices.

Take advantage of seamless control with Siri and the Apple Home app. Stay on track with Siri's assistance and effortlessly manage all your smart home devices. Upgrade your smart home experience today by choosing our specially compiled and pre-flashed Homebridge server. Simplify your life, enhance automation, and unlock the full potential of Apple Home control for all your smart home devices.

Wide Range Of Supported Plugins

Nest Ring
Lifx TP-Link Kasa
Ikea Philips Hue
Sonos Logitech
Arlo Wemo

and many more...

Features Of The Athom Bridge

Features Description
Easy installation Quick and hassle-free setup process
Secure option Ensures the safety and privacy of your connected devices
LAN connectivity Allows seamless connection and control over your local network
Plugin support Enables integration with various plugins
Tiny design Compact and space-saving design
Connects over 2,000 accessories Compatible with a wide range of accessories and devices
Affordable integration Cost-effective solution for integrating smart devices

What’s In The Box

The Box includes everything to get started with your Smart Home

  • > 1x HomeBridge Server
  • > 1x Preflashed Homebridge SD card
  • > 1x Power Adaptor
  • > 1x USB power cable
  • > 1x Ethernet cable

Simple To Setup And Use

  • Step 01: Remove the pre-flashed SD card from the packaging
  • Step 02: Place SD card inside the server
  • Step 03: Connect the server to your router using the cord
  • Step 04: Turn the server on
  • Step 05: Use your router to find the server's IP address
  • Step 06: Enter the server's IP address and port 8581 on your machine as:
  • Step 07: Enter the login credentials (standard login credentials are admin/admin)
  • Step 08: Select the plug-in you need to download
  • Step 09: Configure yourself after logging into the server

Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with the HomeKit HomeBridge Server and upgrade your smart home experience today!

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