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ATHOM Pre Flashed WLED 5V 12V WS2812B WS2811 SK6812 TM1814 LED Light Strip Controller

ATHOM Pre Flashed WLED 5V 12V WS2812B WS2811 SK6812 TM1814 LED Light Strip Controller

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Introducing the ATHOM Pre Flashed WLED WS2812B Controller – your gateway to vibrant and dynamic lighting experiences! This Wi-Fi-enabled LED light strip controller, model LS2812B, brings simplicity and versatility to your smart home lighting.

Key Features:

1. Plug-and-Play Simplicity: Unbox, plug in, and play! This WLED controller comes pre-flashed by ATHOM for hassle-free installation. No technical expertise required – start enjoying vibrant lighting in minutes.

2. Tailored for WS2812B Strips: Perfectly crafted for WS2812B strip lights, providing optimal performance and compatibility. Exclusively support WS2812B strips. Ensure seamless integration for a dazzling light show.

3. Updated Compatibility (After January 6th, 2022): For orders shipped after January 6th, 2022, this controller boasts enhanced compatibility, supporting WS2812B, WS2811, SK6812, and TM1814 strip types. Enjoy the freedom to choose the LED strip that suits your style.

4. Adjustable Voltage Input: With a versatile input range of 5V to 12V, this controller adapts to your power supply, providing flexibility for various setups. MaxLoad capacity of 2A ensures stable and reliable performance.

5. Easy Control with GPIO: Seamlessly navigate your lighting preferences with GPIO controls. The earlier version features GPIO for Button (GPIO0) and Data (GPIO2). The updated version utilizes Button (GPIO0) and Data (GPIO1) for improved functionality.

6. Certified Quality: Rest easy knowing your WLED controller is CE certified, guaranteeing quality and safety standards. Trust ATHOM for reliable and certified smart home solutions.

7. Origin and Communication: Proudly manufactured in Mainland China, this Wi-Fi-enabled controller communicates effortlessly, ensuring a smooth connection for your smart lighting setup.

Elevate your home's ambiance with the ATHOM Pre Flashed WLED WS2812B Controller. Effortless installation, enhanced compatibility, and vibrant lighting control – order yours now for a smarter and more colorful living space!

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