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Athom Homey Pro | Smart Home Hub for Home Automation

Athom Homey Pro | Smart Home Hub for Home Automation

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The Athom Homey Pro is the world's most advanced smart home hub solution that allows you to easily control, monitor, and automate devices from a large variety of brands in a single app and system.

This Multi-Protocol Smart Hub offers unparalleled compatibility with its extensive support for Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth, Zigbee, 433 MHz, Infrared, Matter, and Thread. Works seamlessly with Siri, Alexa, and Google Home to ensures furure-proofing for your smart home needs.

Brand Homey
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Product Dimensions 5"L x 5"W x 1.57"H
Power Source AC
Hardware Interface USB
Frequency 5.8 MHz
Compatible Devices Smartphone


A Powerful, Multiprotocol Hub With Infinite Possibilities

Upgrade your smart home experience with the Athom Homey Pro - the ultimate smart home hub. Seamlessly connecting all your wireless devices and smart systems, managing your entire home from anywhere in the world, getting control and automation from your devices, real-time energy usage views, and sensor alerts.

Create customized Homey Flows to make your devices work together effortlessly, and enjoy integration with popular brands like Philips Hue, Nest, Tado, Fibaro, Sonos, and more.

Say goodbye to the complexity and confusion of managing multiple devices and protocols. With the Homey Pro, simplicity and control are just a step away. Your smart home devices are truly integrated with Homey Pro.

Supports Over 50,000 Smart Home Devices From 1000+ Brands

Apple HomeKit Philips Hue
IKEA Google Nest
Chromecast Hive
Logitech Harmony Spotify Connect
Osram Tuya/Smart Life
Sonos SmartThings

and many more...

Editor's Picks

Automate – Connect your devices and automate them with flow

Monitor – Track energy usage and save on your energy bill

Apps – Install Apps on Homey Pro to add new connectivity and features and many more...

Features Of Athom Homey Pro

Features Description
Locally Connected Reliability of wired connectivity with the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter.
Satellite Mode Extend Homey Pro with Homey Bridge to enhance wireless coverage throughout your entire home.
Everything Local Homey Pro operates on-premises for the lowest latency and highest reliability. The cloud is only used when necessary.
Always Up Homey Pro processes everything locally, ensuring it remains operational even when your internet is down.
Connect with LAN Devices Homey Pro can communicate with LAN-only devices like Google Chromecast.
Port Forwarding Connect directly to Homey Pro when you're outside your home.
Local API Keys Allow API access from anywhere without relying on the cloud.


What’s In The Box

The Box includes everything to get started with your Smart Home

  • > 1 x Homey Pro 
  • > 1 x Power Adapter

Simple To Set Up And Use

  • Step 1: Simply plug in the power adapter
  • Step 2: Connect the USB-C cable to both the Power Adapter and Homey Pro
  • Step 3: When you turn it on, Homey Pro's LED Ring will begin to circle in white.
  • Step 4: After a minute or two, it will change to a steady blue glow, signaling that Homey Pro is ready for setup.
  • Step 5: If the LED Ring doesn't turn blue within two minutes, you may need to reset.
  • Step 6: Download the Homey app for iOS or Android from
  • Step 7: Sign in with your existing account or create a new one. When asked what you want to do, choose "New Homey." If you already have a Homey, go to your home screen, select "My Homeys," and tap the blue Plus icon in the top-right corner.
  • Step 8: Select "Homey Pro (Early 2023)" and follow the on-screen setup instructions.


  • > Wi-Fi - 5 GHz / 2.4 GHz b/g/n/ac
  • > Bluetooth - Low Energy 5.0
  • > Z-Wave Plus - 700 Series
  • > Zigbee - Zigbee 3.0
  • > Thread - Coming Q4 2023
  • > Infrared
  • > 433 MHz
  • > Matter
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