HomeKit HomeBridge Zigbee Server

Seamless Integration With Apple Home For Your Smart Home Devices

Upgrade your smart home experience with the Zigbee HomeBridge Server. Enjoy seamless integration of thousands of Zigbee devices from various brands with Apple HomeKit. With powerful hardware, pre-flashed Ubuntu software, and extensive plugin support, this server provides a convenient and reliable solution for controlling your smart home devices.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing different apps for each smart device. The Athom HomeKit Zigbee Bridge streamlines your smart home experience, making it simpler and more convenient than ever before.

Wide Range Of Supported Brands, Devices And Plugins

Zigbee Brands And Devices
Aurora Lighting Belkin
Bitron Bosch
Heiman Hive
Innr Lutron
Osram Tuya/Smart Life
Ikea SmartThings

and many more...

Thousands Of HomeBridge Plugins
Nest/Nest Camera
LIFX Ecobee
Lokitron TP-Link Kasa
Ikea Philips Hue
Sonos Logitech
Arlo Wemo

and many more...

Features Of Athom HomeKit Bridge Zigbee
Features Description
Easy installation Quick and hassle-free setup process
Secure option Ensures the safety and privacy of your connected devices
LAN connectivity Allows seamless connection and control over your local network
Plugin support Enables integration with various plugins
Tiny design Compact and space-saving design
Connects over 2,000 accessories Compatible with a wide range of accessories and devices
Affordable integration Cost-effective solution for integrating smart devices

What’s In The Box

The Box includes everything to get started with your Smart Home

  • 1xZigBeeHomeBridge Server
  • 1xPreflashed HomeBridge SD card
  • 1xPower Adaptor
  • 1xUSB power cable
  • 1xEthernet cable

Simple To Set Up And Use

  • Step 01: Remove the pre-flashed SD card from the packaging
  • Step 02: Insert the SD card into the server
  • Step 03: Connect the server to your router using the provided Ethernet cable
  • Step 04: Power on the server
  • Step 05: Find the IP address assigned to the server using your router's interface
  • Step 06: Access the server's interface by entering the IP address and port 8581 (e.g., in your web browser
  • Step 07: Log in using the standard credentials (admin/admin)
  • Step 08: Select and download the plugins you need to configure your specific smart home devices

Technical Specifications

  • CC2530PATR 2.4Z-M Module Built-in
  • Frequency: 2394-2507MHz
  • Sensitivity: -100dBm
  • Communication Distance: 300-500m

Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with the Zigbee HomeBridge Server and centralized control for a smarter and more efficient home.